Dotting Discs

Welcome to my Dotting discs page, this is a process where I use acrylic paint to make paintings on old records. I use the long playing records 33's , 45's or CD's. I can customise any design of your choice. All products come with hanging fixtures. Please contact me to discuss your personal choice..


LP's are 15 euros

45's are 8 euros

CD's set of three are 10 euros

You can contact me at

FaceBook at Amanda's Dotting Discs


3 CD hanger

Gecko's on 45's


Large and small Gecko

Sun and Moon on LP

Sun and Moon on 45's

More Cats

Child's bithday Dinosaur

Child's birthday Unicorn

Blue Owl

Doves of Peace

Welsh Dragon

Moonlit Tree

Moonlit Friends

Blue Butterfly

Cat and Dog

Dove of Peace

Colourful Cats

Colourful Geko

Green Geko

Marine World

Sun and Moon

Gold Sun -Silver Moon

Multi Coloured Geko

New Geko

Pooh and Piglet

Paddle boarder

Sailing Boat

Silver Elephant

LP's and 45's of Moon and sun

Spitfire for child


Turtle and Fish

Ying and Yang

Little Dutch Girl

Kids Kiss

Birthday Dinosaur

Christmas Wreath

Christmas Scene